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Dzrt Sweets Project

With Dzrt, I led the transformation of their static website into a dynamic content management system (CMS) powered by WordPress, coupled with extensive custom coding to tailor functionalities to their specific needs. Leveraging WordPress as the CMS and employing customizations, alongside tools like Elementor, PHP 8, WP Form, integrated food order system, and RankMath, I orchestrated a seamless transition that enhanced Dzrt's online presence and operational efficiency.

1. Strategic Planning and Migration: I conducted a strategic analysis of Dzrt's requirements and objectives, devising a migration plan to transition from a static to a dynamic website. This involved meticulous planning to ensure minimal disruption to existing content and functionalities.

2. WordPress Implementation: Utilizing WordPress as the CMS, I architected a robust website infrastructure that facilitated easy content management and scalability. Custom coding was employed to extend WordPress's core functionalities to meet Dzrt's specific needs.

3. Custom Coding and Integration: Through PHP 8, I implemented custom features and functionalities tailored to Dzrt's requirements, ensuring seamless integration with their existing systems and workflows. This included integrating a food order system to enable online ordering and streamline operations.

4. Elementor for Visual Design: Elementor played a pivotal role in designing visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces. Leveraging its drag-and-drop interface, I created captivating layouts and pages that showcased Dzrt's offerings effectively.

5. WP Form for Enhanced Communication: WP Form was utilized to create custom contact forms, feedback mechanisms, and inquiry forms, facilitating seamless communication between Dzrt and its customers.

6. Integrated Food Order System: By integrating a food order system, I empowered Dzrt to offer online ordering capabilities, enhancing customer convenience and optimizing operational efficiency.

7. RankMath for SEO Optimization: RankMath was employed to optimize the website for search engines, improving its visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). This involved keyword optimization, meta tag customization, and content structuring to enhance organic search performance.

Through the strategic utilization of WordPress with custom coding, alongside tools like Elementor, PHP 8, WP Form, integrated food order system, and RankMath, I successfully converted Dzrt's static website into a dynamic CMS-driven platform that not only elevated their online presence but also streamlined their operations for increased efficiency and growth.

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